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The innovative concept of Dasher rat trap and Dasher squirrel trap is a unit that can catch and kill up to ten rodents at one setting without the use of poison.


Simply place the Dasher rat trap or Dasher squirrel trap in the infested area, bait the sensor with chocolate or peanut butter and the Dasher trap will kill up to 10 rodents without any intervention. Rodents are caught and killed and are automatically placed in a storage tray under the main body of the unit.

An indicator on the trap informs the user that it has been activated. The trap will automatically reset itself allowing the operator to periodically inspect and dispose of the dead rodents. This can be done quickly and cleanly without the user coming into physical contact with the rodent. At this point the user can place the corpses into a disposal bag and insert the holding tray back into the device, or alternatively dispose of the holding tray completely into the disposal bag and replace with a new inexpensive holding tray.

NOTE !! The Dasher rat trap and Dasher squirrel trap
offer the following benefits:

Above all the Dasher rat and squirrel trap poses no danger to other animals such as pets, birds of prey and other wildlife that could be eliminated by the poisoning solution.

Now there is only one choice when considering the elimination of rodent infestation and that is:

The Dasher Multiple Rat Trap - Award winning rodent control.

Devices available for Rat, Mouse and Squirrel control.


Winner of Best Innovation at Lamma 2012

Lamma 2012 Award Winner

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