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Rodent Control by Dasher - Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What makes the rat trap function?

Answer: The rat or mouse enters the food chamber via the 2 side holes and tries to eat the peanut butter or chocolate placed on the sensor. Immediately upon the rat touching the sensor a signal is sent to the valve on the air vessel which in turn triggers the stunning and trapping mechanism. Termination takes approximately 4 seconds. After 30 seconds the trap resets itself automatically (this return delay can be adjusted to a longer period).

Question: How do I recharge the air vessel?

Answer: With a foot pump or air compressor via the valve (like a car tyre valve) placed at the end of the air holding vessel, fill to 10 bar/150psi observing the gauge fitted to the air vessel.

Question: How do I know when I have caught a rat in the device?

Answer: There is an indicator on the device to inform you that inspection is required.

Question: How do I know that the rat trap is working?

Answer: Providing that the air vessel is fully charged the unit will always work. In the event you should wish to verify that the trap is working there is a small hole in the lid sealed with a rubber grommet. Remove the rubber grommet and insert a rod not more than 5 mil in diameter on to the sensor. Upon touching the sensor the trap will activate and then automatically reset itself. Upon completion withdraw the rod and replace the grommet, to seal the unit and prevent rain from entering the device. Under no circumstances should you undo the lid to carry out testing or interfere with the safety immobiliser inside the device.

Question: How long do the batteries last?

Battery life is dependent on use and the number of activations but they can be recharged and are inexpensive to replace, the electrical consumption of the rodent trap is low.

Question: How does the unit catch multiple rodents?

Answer: After the rat has entered the food chamber a sequence of events take place: stun , kill, disposal, the rat drops into the lower sealed holding chamber and is stored pending removal. This sequence can take place automatically up to 10 times and each time the rat is packed/stored by a patented system. Upon periodic inspection of the unit the holding tray can be removed and the corpses removed for disposal either by sliding out the holding tray and placing the entire tray and corpses directly in to a bin liner or depositing only the corpses and re-inserting the tray.

New replacement trays are available as spares if required.

Question: Where do I place the device?

Answer: Anywhere in the rat infested area.

Question: Is the Dasher trap safe?

Answer:Yes, absolutely!!! The Dasher trap is totally safe, "no poison required", so therefore totally safe in the vicinity of pets and children, it is also unobtrusive and discreet.

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