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Why Use Dasher Rat Traps
and Squirrel Traps?

There are numerous reasons why it is essential to control and eradicate rats for any business that is part of the food chain.

Prevention of Rodent Borne Disease

Rats carry a number of harmful diseases:

Reduce Contamination and Wastage

The typical rat can pass 12 to 16 ml of urine and produce 50 droppings per day causing damage to food in store.

Stop Damage to Property and Materials

Rats gnaw through electrical cables - estimated to cause 50% of farm fires and cost the farming industry £14 to £28 million a year in the UK alone.

Whilst the farming community have already embraced the Dasher multiple rat trapping device and already appreciate the benefits of being able to deal with rat infestation, without the use of poisons and all the problems associated with this method, there is also a significant need for rodent control at the other end of the food chain!!!!

Supermarket Food Halls, Hotels, Restaurants, and Butchers Shops all have to deal with rodents, preferably out of sight of the general public.

The dasher rat trap unit fulfills all the requirements demanded by these organisations.

Why use the Dasher Rat Trap instead of Rat Poison?

Rats have developed immunity to the poisons that were initially developed to kill them, this has resulted in the development of more advanced poisons that use anticoagulants. With the modern poisons rats die from internal bleeding, the Dasher rat trap has a number of advantages over rat poison in this respect:

No costly poison is required and up to ten rats can be detained stunned and killed with the device at one placing. Placement can be done discreetly, the unit looks like any other box and thus avoids embarrassing comments from clientele. Either the establishment itself or a pest control contractor can place and remove the device as no skill is required.

No poison, No rats, No corpses to locate and remove and more importantly No embarrassing decay aroma.

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